Christmas/Holiday Spirit Challenge

Christmas is my favorite season as its the happiest time for me. However I know this year a lot of things are going to look different and people are definitely not in the highest of Christmas Spirit. However I am a firm believer that there is always a positive side to everything. There might not be huge Holiday Parties, No Big in person Gift Exchanges not Extended Family Gatherings. However that doesn’t mean that the spirit cant be kept alive and that we cant enjoy the season. Looking at the bright side, we can share with people all over the globe, take advantage of offerings we wouldn’t have if things were normal and spend some time with ourselves which is a fabulous gift. We can enjoy the season without unnecessary exposure. So in that spirit I’m setting up a challenge for myself (Which I have already been doing all of December, but now I’m doing it publicly with you). Celebrate the Holiday season with something every day. Do something that puts you in the spirit as an Advent calendar of spirit in a way. The holidays might look different but the feeling doesn’t have to!

I’m going to organize some great Zoom events so that i can gather with people, take advantage of online offerings and some days it will be just jamming to my Christmas Playlist (which is amazing and am happy to share) whilst I cook. anyone interested in Joining? If you dont have time it can just be singing a carol in the shower!! So I’m planning my month ahead and here are some of the things I’m thinking of doing (apart from watching Christmas movies, that is just a constant!) – we will see at the end of the month how it all pans out!

  • Monday December 7: Its Velitas day here in Colombia (Day of the Candles) So I will be lighting lots of candles in my terrace (add in some wine and Xmas music)
  • Tuesday December 8: It is a holiday, so I’m sure I will figure out a Christmas activity by then if not, I still have so many Movies to watch to continue with my ranking
  • Wednesday December 9: I Have AWT Zoom Choir where we are rehearsing our Christmas Song (its Winter Song, a mashup of Winter Wonderland and Let it Snow) !
  • Thursday, December 10: Dancing Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays (an NSYNC classic and one of my top 5 favorite Christmas Carols) with NYBodies at 630
  • Friday, December 11: Putting up our Country House Christmas Tree
  • Saturday, December 12 :Santa Baby dance class and Andrea Bocelli Believe in Christmas Concert
  • Sunday, December 13: Old Vic’s A Christmas Carol. Even if it is not this exact day this is one of the things I’m looking forward to the most. I loved all of the Old Vic virtual offerings this year so I’m very much looking forward to the Christmas Carol an its with Andrew Jackson, You can stream it between the 12th and the 24th of December
  • Monday, December 14: New moon SoundBath and Workshop.
  • Tuesday, December 15: 54 Below Broadway Princess Holiday Party, this one is available also from the 12th to the 24th
  • Wednesday, December 16 – might hit the hulu replay of How the Grinch Stole Christmas with Mathew Morrison (its live on DEc 9th)
  • Thursday, December 17 – I will probably watch one of the online viewings of the nutcracker, i still don’t know which one!
  • Friday, December 18: Peppermint Bark Class through Zoom
  • Saturday, December 19: Underneath the Tree Dance Class and Online Mulled Wine Cocktail Hour (making and drinking it)
  • Sunday, December 20: Im organizing a Christmas Cookie Making Zoom Event. Will also check out Sarah Brightman reuniting with Andrew Lloyd WEbber for her live-streamed concert, A Christmas Symphony, from London’s Christ Church Spitalfields
  • Monday, December 21: There is a lot of energy available this day. Jupiter and Saturn have a once in every 20 years conjunction, which also falls in the December Solstice. so I will probably be doing a lot of meditations or workshops ! If you want a Christmas spin on this some people are calling the solar show a “Christmas Star”! If you are looking as to what to do that day I suggest meditations/workshops that Ines Andina will be doing or Copper Vessel Events amongst many others
  • Tuesday, December 22:
  • Wednesday, December 23: Have Yourself A merry Little Christmas Dance Class

I have quite a few days left to settle in stone but I have time to get creative. Any good ideas send them my way! In case you are looking for ideas other activities to put in (some of which I have already done but will definitely fill this in) – Watch Christmas Movies (I have plenty of Suggestions on my holiday guides , also have you already watched the Mariah Special, if not run to see it!) Put up the tree and decorations, Check out the neighborhoods decorations if there are any on your neck of the woods, Cook some of your favorite meals oh and one that i will be doing at some point – gift wrapping! (oh you know almost all my gifts are already bought!)

Some things I’m planning to do if I get around to it: A wreath making class, Christmas Ornament making, Carol Karaoke (there are various technology options) , Virtual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Oh and in case you are hosting something, a little gift, 50 festive zoom backgrounds! You can use elfster or drawnames to do a secret santa exchange! There is also a great White Elephant app!

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