2020 Gift Guides: Wellness and WFH

One last gift guide, very adapt for the times. First of all Wellness gifts, weather that is exercise stuff, things for your spiritual wellness, health or mental wellness, some highlights here.

  1. Booty Kicker – Its a portable bar for your home, for any dance or barre fan!
  2. Embr Wave – anyone experiencing weird temperature issues might find this useful
  3. Theragun mini – i love my normal size one but kind of wish i had the mini now?
  4. Oura ring – this just looks too interesting
  5. Shoppe Geo Mini Stone Gift Box These are great stocking stuffers. They have calm, clarity and love. They also have zodiac ones!
  6. Kettlebell Connect 2.0 For some high tech training
  7. lumen I discovered this in CES in Vegas and tought it was pretty cool and now its available!
  8. Bose Sleepbuds
  9. Sculpt resistance bands
  10. Core I love tech gadgets to improve meditation especially for people starting out.
  11. bala bangles Cute and functional, what more do you want
  12. Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball
  13. A Year of Gratitude There are so many studies that gratitude increases happiness significantly!

The next guide are a selection of things to either aid with Working from Home, Keep you cozy whilst you stay at home and also some very appropriate COVID items for the world we live in now

  1. Pinch Provisions Work from Home survival Kit I love Pinch provisions, they are the perfect fun gift (its a staple in my white elephants) and this one seems very appropriate this year
  2. Airplane Seat Cover For those that want to travel again but we need to be mindful that there is still a pandemic this is cool
  3. Moleskine Passion Journal, Wine, Wellness, Recipe and Books – Moleskine is just so sleek and classic an these journals can help document a new hobby that maybe has come up this year? I’m def looking to getting all four eventually!!
  4. aftershokz air headphones I discovered these at CES and became obsessed. I also made my whole family get them. They are the best for exercising, or working or just hanging out at home. I hate inner ear things so this concept of bone conduction I was all over!
  5. One of my go to during COVID, WFH etc. has been my slippers. I think my shoes think i moved! I wear slippers of exercise shoes. So a great pair of slippers has to be a great gift. My absolute favorites are Vionic’s Indulge Gemma Plush Slipper  they are amazing! other great ones are Everlane the Renew Slipper or JCrew’s lodge moccasins in metallic gold if you are in the mood for a fancy slipper
  6. Since there is little travel going on, how about one of this kits for the traveler in your life. Pictured here is Away’s The Boost Set they also have the Bliss, The Adventurer and the Traveler. A little beauty gift that has a nostalgia to it.
  7. Quartet Glass Whiteboard Desktop Easel I have wished I had my whiteboard in my house so this is pretty cool
  8. Portable UV-C Sanitizer Wand – yes its a sign of the times, but also quite a practical gift!
  9. The other thing that has been my staple, comfortable lounge wear. I’ve tried many an options but some of my favorites is the Cloudknit fabric from Outdoor Voices. Its amazing. Also JCrew and Old Navy has some solid and good priced loungewear. And since this can be the all inclusive WFH outfit wear post, exercise outfits have also been a staple. And if you are looking for ideas beyond the Lululemon world, here are some of my favorite brands: Terez, Outdoor Voices, Old Navy, Fabletics, Emily Hsu, Beach Riot & Athleta
  10. I work out of my home mug – because sarcasm, humor and irony are always in style
  11. Tea Tasting Club Davids Tea – for your tea lover friend, a subscription to get David’sTea all year round. This just came out so i would have put in in the rinks gift, but its very appropriate for staying at home.
  12. Blue Microphones – Yeti USB Multi-Pattern Electret Condenser Microphon Ive realized mics in phones and computers, like cameras are not great. If you want a more pro set up this could be an idea.
  13. George & Viv Hand and Foot Cream Gift Set A great stocking stuffer, given that we all pretty much have chaffed hands from over washing and too much antibacterial
  14. Coffee Gift Set and Meditation/Tea Gift Set These gift sets from Crate and Barrel are adorable and perfect for a homebound time
  15. The third thing that has been a constant in this COVID times for me have been Lele Sadhoughi products. I love these Facemask and headband set, because I am a true believer that masking can be stylish 😉 (i have so many of her masks, her mask chains are very practical to keep your mask in check, and how adorable and chic are the pearl masks? Also of her, her headbands are a Zoom call life saver!

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