Per Se Dinner

The last stop on the NY Foodie Trip was Per Se! As always the service was impeccable, and they had wonderful details like putting personalized happy birthday greetings on the Menu!

First of all, on the non food related portion of the evening, going to dinner at 6pm has its perks. From the window of our table we got the most amazing view of the New Columbus exhibit on  Columbus Circle plus we got to experience a wonderful sunset with the Central Park backdrop.

After those wonderful introductions in our table, it was on to some absolutely fabulous food! (please note the pictures are not great as I couldn’t take flash pictures)

The Menu

The Food 

Pre dinner snacks:  some salmon cornettis (mine were gluten free, and I couldn’t even tell!)

TSAR IMPERIAL CAVIAR – Citrus Cured Lubina, Yellow Pepper Glaze, English Cucumber and Yuzu Dressing Amazing first dish – very fresh and luxurious all in one

SALAD OF SLOW ROASTED PARSNIPS – compressed Apples, California Green Pistachios, Young Beets, watercress and Truffle Puree who knew a salad could taste so good! Beautiful in its simplicity! The truffle Puree made it very rich and fulfilling

During this course I also got an amazing selection of Breads (for me this is a highlight – when you eat gluten-free you expect limited selection and terrible textured bread). I had a white and a fines herbs roll and it was wonderful. Something else i loved: the six type of salts that they gave us with the butter! so pretty!

PAVE OF MEDITERRANEAN TURBOT – Russet Potato Gnocchi, Sweet Carrots, Pea Tendrils and “ignonnette Bordalaise”  a Very simple and beautiful dish. I didn´t get the gnocchi, so they added more carrots. I feel it did need that starch but even without it, it was great.

BUTTER POACHED NOVA SCOTIA LOBSTER Applewood Smoked Bacon, Yellowfoot Chanterelle Msuhrooms, Spinach Rigatini, Cipollini Onion Shoots and Marsala Wine Ok this course was soo good I forgot to take a picture of it before I devoured it! My version did not have the spinach rigatini but everything else was the same.

POULARDE EN FEUILLE DE BLETTE – Honey Poached Cranberries, pumpkin Mousse, Crispy Sage and Pearson Farm’s pecans A great fall dish with the pumpking mousse, and the crispy sage was a very surprising textural element. The chicken was ridiculously moist

ELYSIAN FIELDS FARM´S LAMB Anson mills’ Polenta, Caramelized Fennel, Cocktail Artichokes, Parmesan Vinaigrette and Nicoise Olive Oil  I also got very exited for this course and took the picture mid way! such a fulfilling dish, the lamb with the artichoke was a wonderful combination! also The Parmesan Vinagrette had great flavor and at the same time very light.

CONSIDER BARDWELL FAR’S RUPERT Hadley Orchards’ Medjun Dates, Austrian pumpkin Seeds, Belgian Endive and Pumpernickel Melba A very original cheese course.My gluten-free version did not have the melba toast bites and I think I was missing it, because it was all too creamy and sweet I needed something to cut it.

PRICKLY PEAR Biscuit Cuillere, Lioncello Panna Cotta, Pear Soda and White Wine Granite  I loved this palate cleanser! so refreshing and full of textures

POMEGRANATE SODA . Honey Pine Nut Nougatine, Persian Lime Bar and Peppermint Ice Cream

The other desert – Butterscotch Pudding

MIGNARDISES –there were so many wonderful after dessert treats for coffee. They had over 24 different type of chocolates to choose from. Additionally, they brough over a cappuccino semifreddo with donuts which were to die for (yes I could have them because they gave me a personal bowl of mini gluten-free donuts!). We also got macaroons, caramels and truffles.

Coffee SemiFreddo with Gluten Free Donuts

The Drinks

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