My Favorite Christmas Movies

I have been watching a lot of Christmas movies lately, but before I post any new reviews I realized a need a more general post on what are my current top 5 favorite X-mas movies. I am however breaking it up into two categories – Normal Movies & Cheesy Made for TV X-Mas Movies (which I am a huge fan off! think ABC Family, Hallmark and Lifetime). Im also adding lists of top christmas movies by various entertainment websites as well as my current Xmas to watch list (i.e. Christmas movies that I havent yet watched and will remedy the situation this holiday!)

Normal Movies top 5

1. Love Actually I love everything about this movie. I think its heartfelt without being cheesy, It has one of the best soundtracks, a Great cast, London, Hugh Grant Dancing – do you need anything else? I make it a point to watch it every year

2. Miracle on 34th Street – Filled with xmas spirit! and how can you not root for Santa Claus!!

3. Home Alone – Makes your crazy family look absolutely normal in comparison!!!

4. The Holiday – Another Romantic Christmas story, but very cleverly done. I think what I like the most about this one is the cast – Kate Winslet is great

5. The Santa Clause – Tim Allen as newly minted Santa Clause, is another Holiday classic for me. His kid in the movie is adorable and it has all the faith and family unity elements that I love in a Xmas Movie


Honorable Mentions: While You were Sleeping, Four Christmases, Family Stone

Cheesy Made For TV Movies ( in no particlular order)


Debbie Macomber’s Movies:  Mrs. Miracle,  Call Me Mrs. Miracle & Trading Christmas I love Debbi Macomber’s books, they are whimsical and magical, yet very real and heartfelt at the same time. These movies capture her essence.

12 Dates of Christmas This is what ABCFamily movies are about. Light, fun and romantic all set in a beautiful Xmas backdrop

Christmas Cupid See above. Same sentiment, with a great cast! (clearly this was before Christina Millan became grating and annoying on the Voice)

the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Total Hallmark classic. Great family flick, for which you need kleenex on the side.

Holiday in Handcuffs


Honorable Mentions: A Holiday Engagement, Mistletoe Over Manhattan, Snowglobe, Santa Baby, Desperatly seeking Santa

Xmas Movies List

There are plenty of list of Christmas movies out there. here I’m linking lists from:

Xmas Viewing Party!

So surprisingly, these movies I havent seen (I might have spent too much time watching every Made For TV Xmas Movie) and are on my to do list for Xmas:

  • Its a Wonderful Life (I saw it a while ago but cant remember so its getting a second viewing)
  • Arthur Christmas
  • Bad Santa
  • Muppets christmas Carol
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Meet me in St louis
  • a Charlie Brown Christmas
  • Noel
  • A Christmas Story
  • National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

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