Gluten Free Eating: Great Finds

Some great gluten free finds recently in the US…

1. Tulu’s Gluten Free Bakery – I had heard a lot about this place, as it is named one of the best gluten free bakeries in NY, and it was as good as they had mentioned. The highlight was their cake balls and their morning carrot muffin, as well as the fact that they have mini cupcakes so you can try different flavors. The only disappointment was the red velvet, it just wasn’t up to part – the Bouchon gluten free mix is so much better.


2. Karlies Kookies – bought this at milkbar (where I was sooo tempted by everything that I couldn’t eat). They are a collaboration between Milk bar and supermodel Karlie Kloss, to make a fashionably wholesome cookie line. I tried the perfect 10 – which is gluten free and it was fabulous! all made with natural ingredients, and they have a true balance, they are not  too sweet. The texture is not the best, but then that is the norm with gluten free pastries

3. The PFChangs gluten free delivery: How awesome is this packaging:


I ‘ve always liked that they have a dedicated gluten free menu, but their delivery with the individualized Tamari soy sauce is too cool. Now i just need to find myself where to get these individualized Tamari sauces, perfect for taking into a japanese restaurant (i miss putting soy sauce in my sushi!)

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