2017 Network Fall TV Preview (and a little Summer TV recap)

Before we get to Fall Tv, a little Summer Recap. Here is what I was looking forward too when I wrote the Summer Preview :boldtype.jpg

  • New
    • Glow, Gypsy, Friends From College, Will, The Bold Type, The Sinner, Decline and Fall, The Last Tycoon

Of the new shows not a lot stuck. I tried to watch Glow but I think I only made it to 5 episodes. Friends from College had way more potential than execution and although not bad I wasnt super excited about it. Will, I stopped at the first episode, The Sinner has potential but I haven’t gotten through the whole season, and Last Tycoon I’m on episode 2, and although i kind of want to finish it, I’ve been seeing other things which meant it didn’t hook me.

However of the New shows my new obsession is the Bold Type. I loved the show it was smart, fun and easy to watch, exactly what I wanted. It’s Sex and the City meets the CW and I kind of love that about it.


  • Old
    • Younger, Game of Thrones, Queen of the South and The Fosters


Of the Old and good ones, Younger’s new season kept getting better and better it’s a must watch. Game of Thrones did not disappoint. It was a spectacular season and I am very much looking forward to the final season.  The Fosters is a show that you should all watch. Its smart , funny and family oriented, it’s what the WB shows used to be like. Sadly the Queen of the South just drifted from my TV Schedule.

and now onto the Fall TV PILOT WATCH. As always, Im ranking them like past years with the same headlines.


Season Pass: I loved it, will probably watch all season i.e. it’s worth Buying a Season Pass

  • Young Sheldon: The cuteness of Ian Armitage can’t be denied and so I will be watching this show 
  • The Good Doctor – although the premise is a bit weird, its a sweet show that really grew on me.

So far so good: Really liking it, but will wait a little bit more for a full on commitment

  • Brave – It’s a great procedural show. I might not follow as regularly but will definitely check out the episodes when i can
  • The Mayor – a Cute and fun 30 min show
  • The Gifted – It’s a paranormal show and I actually liked it. Therefore it must be good 
  • Valor – im enjoying it, the only negative is that the mystery part of it might start to drag. The military cases mixed with CW romance and soapyness – i dig.

OK but not great: Willing to give it another episode before I kill it

  • Me Myself and I – cute 30 minute show. Its engaging and the actors are great, but don’t know how long my commitment will last
  • Ghosted – it’s not terrible, it’s just there are better shows out there 
  • Wisdom of the Crowd – another good, no need to know all the back story catch a few episodes when you can show that you should check out
  • Will & Grace – It’s probably as good as it was originally, and I will be checking it out ever so often 

No way: definitely not seeing another episode

  • The Orville – definitely not my type of show. I was never a Star Trek kind of girl. And besides, this was just dumb.
  • Kevin Probably Saves the World – just too much, and I really wanted to like this 
  • Marvel’s inhumans – stick with the Gifted, leave this one at home 
  • 9JKL – it’s not funny, it’s just awkward and bad

Really they are just not my thing … and actually might be very good for other people

  • 10 days in the Valley – the acting was great, its just a bit too much stress and darkness for what I want to watch right now
  • SEAL Team – there are a lot of new combat shows and this was the one I liked the least so it had to go. It’s not bad and it got picked up (my dad liked it a lot) it’s just i prefered the brave and Valor.

 I refused to waste my time even with the pilot 

  • Law and Order True Crime: The Menendez Brothers 





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