L’Arpege in Paris- Trying out the World’s 50 Best

No. 12 on the list, and with Three Michellin Stars, We fell in love with this restaurant and its fabulous Chef, Alain Passard. He was just so nice, the perfect host! My dad and him actually exchanged emails that how nice he was. A fabulous meal, with beautiful handling of vegetables and ingredients. My only issue, there was too much food, we left in serious food comma, but thoroughly satisfied. We didn’t do the full vegetarian menu, but the one that does include land and sea, and here is all that  we ate:

Chaud froid d’ouef (hot and cold egg) a weird and interesting dish and from what they told us an arpege classic. The bottom is hot the top is cold and its a Little wonderful egg biteVegetable raviolis with consome – simple but nice. But probably my least favorite dish of the whole mealcoquille St jaques a la truffe noie (scallops with black truffle) a perfect mix of flavor, simple yet wonderful Fondant de topinambour au caviar (Jerusalem artichoke cream with caviar ) this was rich and luxurious but also light at the same time, and I don’t know how. Such great balancesbouquet d homard de chausey  (lobster) the lobster was beautifully coated in turnip sheets that not only made it a pretty plate, it tasted great and had a great use of vegetables. celerisotto auz chataignes rissotto made of celeriac – genius, healthy and tasty a wonderful combination. Also how can it be bad with more black truffles on top. peche colierre aux cotes de jara  – gorgeous and light fish with a beautiful foam and sauce. Yet I could have done with half the portion in retrospect given how much more food was coming our way

Tartare pourpre vegetal (beetroot tartare): this was so inventive, it totally looked like a meat tartare but it was all beetroot. It was beautiful, yet the only problem is that I hate beetroot. It however didnt taste as bad and I was able to down a couple of spoonfuls of it which is a huge ordeal given the relationship I have with the beets.


It wasnt on the menu, but they brought us a little gift, a whole serving of boullabaise. absolutely spectacular in flavor, and we thought it was replacing the main meal but no….


… we still had Grand Rotisseria d’heritage Louisee Passard (in other word a ducken)– just when we thought we couldn’t have more food a duck cooked in a chicken comes in (we were one turkey shy of a turducken). perfectly cooked and delicious just a little bit too much food for us at that point. I finished the duck because it was superb but had to leave some chicken on the plate.


my desserts: here was the only fault I could find with the restaurant, they were not that on point in terms of my gluten allergy. Even though i had told them quite a number of times about my allergy, they brought me a millfeuille like the rest of the table. When I mentioned that maybe that is not for me, they realized it and proceeded to scramble to bring me one very lame and one nice dessert. The lame was the quick replacement for the milfeuille, sliced fruit with caramel. Not bad but not great, but appropriate given that i was so full i wasnt looking forward for that much dessert anyways. The other was an ille flotant, but they didn’t taste like regular ille flotant yet they were fabulous. More creamy than airy and with a coffee flavour


To finish off, the wines:


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