A Night at Celler de Can Roca

I finally got myself to Celler de Can Roca, as getting a table there with their 11 month opening is quite hard. Note to all: always put yourself on the wait list, it comes through. With one week in advance we got the call to get off the wait list which we happily accepted. . There were two choices, a classics menu (less dishes) and the festival menu. Before going I thought the classics were traditional dishes and festival were more creative, like it is in Disfrutar, but it really is just a shorter and a longer menu. However do note that all dishes from the start to Mar y montana vegetal were all additional little bites than what is listed in the first menu you get, so you are in for a tasty , lengthy and very fulfilling meal. Something that I loved, it really felt like we were being taken care of by the brothers. As soon as we walked in, Joan Roca was in the reception and greeted us and Josep Roca kept going around the dining room checking things out. Below, a picture diary of our meal

  • Comerse el Mundo: (eating the world – 5 different countries and moving the countries opened up a surprise)
    • Mexico: taco de jicama, mango, cebolla, limon, achiote y cilantro (Mexico – jicama taco)
    • Japon: Mochi de pulpo con gengibre (Japan – ginger mochi)
    • Egipto: piramide de guiza (Egypt: guiza pyramid)
    • Turquia: guisado de cordero, yogurt, pepino, cebollina con menta (Turkey: Lamb stew)
    • Peru: causa limena

  • memoria en un bar en las afueras de Girona: bocata de calamares, rinones aljerez, bombon de genciana y naranja, canelon de montse, taco de botifarra :  this was a cute and tasty step. It was inspired by the original bar of the Roca parents and the little bites were all inspired by family dishes. Everything was so delicious.
  • parpatana de atun con jengibre (Tuna with ginger) : So much flavor in just one bite

  • polen de pino, pinon, aguacate, esparrago erde, y vinagreta de pina: (tree polen wih avocado)

  • Helado de oliva verde y tempura de oliva negra (olive oil ice cream): this won all the presentation points- so gorgeous, and delicious to boot.  The flavor was so concentrated of olive oil.

  • merengue de tartufo y yema de huevo: (Truffle meringue): I mean ca one go wrong when meringue meets truffle?

  • Brioche de tartufo blanco : The original one was a truffle brioche, which my sister had and she said tasted as good as it looked. I got an avocado canelle which was tasty as well.

  • Mar y montana vegetal: algas hierbas y flores (sea and vegetable mountain) The colors were beautiful and the mix of flavor was delightful

  • Ensalada Naranja : All sorts of orange foods all coming together. This one was I think one that looked better than it tasted but it was still delicious

  • Encurtido de flores con salsa romesco de nueces : (pickled flowers and vegetable with nut romesco) the color was spectacular

  • Contesa de esparragos y trufa: (Asparagus ice ream with truffle)  i mean who knew asparagus ice cream could taste this good.

  • Ajoblanco de caballa: makerel ajoblanco – This broth could lift the dead

  • Anguila ahumada con uvas, aceitunas negras y shiso morado: (Smoked eel) – the green was a loe and the contrast with the fish was so good

  • This one wasn’t printed on the menu, so i have no idea what it is formally called, but how gorgeous is the mono chromatic? i was a bit scared that it was all beets but no! so much better its grape based. Fish with grape jelly, sauce and puree. gorgeous dish.

  • Gambas marinadas en vinagre de arroz: (Shrimp in vinegar oil) Such flavor in the sauce and the shrimp counld not be more perfectly cooked

  • Cigala con salsa de sobreasada: (crayfish in stew sauce) Although i wasn’t expecting to get two shell fish dishes back to back, they were so different and god i really did not care.

  • Merluza semicurada, jugo de espinas, persto de esparragos y rucula, piparras a la parrilla (hake with esparagus and arugula sauce) I would love to have this sauce packaged and eat it with everything.

  • Pescado de Mercado (Market fish)  The dish, before and after

  • Tatin de cochinillo iberico con nabos Kabu (suckling pig tart) I usually don’t eat pork, but if one does this is the way to go. like a tart tatin but with pork, so delicious. They way the served it was also great, all tableside

  • Pastrami de Ternera con pure apionabo (veal pastrami) This makes you think that pastrami should always be veal based

  • Petricor – ok this was a weird desert. 100 points on creativity, flavor not so much. The liquid was actually supposed to be swamp water and it did taste like that. The rest represented earth, soil and trees. Super creative just not super tasty.

  • Flor Blanca: I loved this dessert. It couldn’t be more gorgeous and it was full of lychees and flowers, such aromatical flavors and very up my dessert style

  • Haba de Cacao: Cacao in various forms, but a bit too bitter for my taste

The petit fours cart was so cute and tasty

Thesea re some of the pictures I took of the restaurant, the entrance, the gorgeous inside glass enclased trees and the wine list cart which was one of my favorite things.

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  1. Hi,

    Great article. We also went to El Celler last November, it was amazing.

    I’ve made a Youtube video about our stay there.
    Your article greatly immensely me with the correct titles of the dishes.

    I’ve linked your article in the video description.
    Feel free to use the video within your article if it suits you.

    Thanks again

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