New TV Binge Obsession: The Man in the High Castle

primary_maninhighcastleheaderMy weekend was made up of two things: making my Christmas Tree (blog post to follow) and having a family binge session of the The Man in High Castle. The show premiered on Friday in Amazon Prime and Between Saturday and Sunday I saw all the 10 episodes. I love finding good smart shows and when I do I have to share the love. What is it about: it is an alternate reality view, based on the book by Philip K. Dick (he of Blade Runner fame) of what would have happened if the allies had lost WWII. The USA is taken over, and the Eastern part is governed by Germany whilst the Pacific Coast is Japanese Territory. Definitely watch this show, its so smart and engaging. I love how the characters have so many dimensions. Just when you are hating one they go around and surprise you. They very smartly show how nothing is just one side, and even a Nazi officer can have a soft side, and a hero can generate chaos in their wake. Part historical fiction, part science fiction, I’m really looking forward to what Season 2 has in store because really all I have are many many questions now that need to be answered (this means there better be a Season 2!). Basically just watch, you’ll thank me.

Official Blurb: It’s 1962, America has lost WWII; the east is the Greater Nazi Reich and the west, the Japanese Pacific States. Amidst this oppression there is new hope – films that seem to show a different world. When her sister gives her a film and is then murdered, a woman comes to believe the films hold the key to freedom and becomes obsessed with finding their mysterious guardian, The Man in the High Castle

Video Previews:


Spoilery articles (if like me you watched it as well and needed more info, thoughts etc.)

an image from the Show, their Times Square reimagined – quite chilly.


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