Trying out some of Latam’s 50 Best Restaurants – Argentina Edition: Don Julio, Crizia and Mishiguene

During my trip to Buenos Aires, I tried a couple of new restaurants that  I hadn’t ventured to before, that are in the Latams 50 Best Restaurants.
First – and my favorite of the lot- Don Julio. Amazing food, great parrilla and an awesome wine list. THe meat was perfectly cooked and there was not a bad cut in all we tasted . My favorite thing thought? All the signed bottles on the wall, it gave it such a personal feel.  A thoroughly deserved spot on the list, and probably my new favorite parrilla in Buenos Aires.


The second stop was Crizia– We decided to try it as it showed up on the list and we didn’t really know much about it. It’s a solid place, but it’s not going to become one of my favorites. Solid yet not stellar food – good but not great service. It’s solidly good not Latina America’s best. What did I order: Scallop and zucchini starter and for a main, Lamb.

A highlight was the wine list, it has a very solid selection. Also I fell in love with the salt tray — too cool!

Last new stop was Mishiguene. I liked this non traditional Buenos Aires option and it was very nice. Again nice not great. Excellent Israeli food but not different from a lot of other places. In this style – definitely much better done in places by the likes of ottolenghi who I adore, but for latin America it’s very solid middle eastern and israeli food. What did we order: Flor para un Mishiguene (a wonderful cauliflower dish); babaganoush – which was a very interesting take on it, it actually had the whole eggplant filled with babaganoush, a smoked meat that was delicious, white salmon and shakshuka (Which was probably the least strong dish, but it’s still really comforting). I would definitly recomend this when in BA, especially if you are there a couple of days and need a break from all the meat.

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