Broadway Reviews: Frozen on Broadway


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Official Blurb  A FAMILY. A SECRET. AN UNFORGETTABLE JOURNEY.This is the timeless tale of two sisters, pulled apart by a mysterious secret.
Both are searching for love. They just don’t know where to find it.Created for the stage by an award-winning team, this stunning new production comes alive on Broadway through exquisite stagecraft and deepens the beloved story with twice as many songs as the original film.Discover that love is a force of nature….at Disney’s new musical, Frozen.

My take: I will start my review stating my dad’s opinion (hes over 60 and hasn’t seen the movie) he loved it an recommend it to all the family.  Now onto me (in case people think I’m biased.). It is a lovely, beautifully staged show. Disney did not disappoint in this incarnation. It is quite straightforward in its inception, more like Aladdin, less little Mermaid and lion King in creativity but still its a fabulous night at the theater.

What did I love:

  • The casting is spot on. Caissie Levy is great as Elsa, and her take on Let it Go (which required some big shoes to fill) is spectacular. But the star of the show is Patti Murin as Anna. I absolutely adored her, and she steals the show. Great comedic timing and it would be a shame is shes not nominated for this.
  • The sets are not over the top but are very appropriate for this staging and fill the stage beautifully. The lightning does a fantastic job. All the effects of freezing with them are amazing(the only thing I would change – the curtains in the ice castle)
  • The let it go costume change. It was AMAZING and i want to know how its done! jajaja. The most magical moment of the night
  • Sven was absolutely adorable- such good puppetry.
  • The costumes were gorgeous! They had a lot of depth. (Although I might be the only person that wasn’t a fan of the pant princess outfit!)
  • There were some great choreography moments

What wasn’t my favorite:

  • I did not get the hygge number to start Act 2. I could have done without, wasnt really that fun
  • The handling of the trolls is a great interpretation of how to change that from the movie, but i think they were much more effective in act 2 than in act 1. When the mother calls them it seems a bit weird. In general the forest people are weird but it might have been weirder to have trolls jajaja
  • Olaf left me a bit confused. I adore him, but i dont know if the staging  was as effective as with sven. I didnt know where to look- the actor/the puppet and it just left me confused. (also why were there tap noices and not tap dancing … such missed opportunity)

I think this is a show that everyone in the family will love. It’s not just for little girls (Even though they are all over the theater in their costumes) it’s emotional and sweet and a great time out at the theater! Highly recommend it (and pack some tissues even though Ive seen the movie a come of times I still teared up).

First act background

Second act background

There is a lot of merch — there is even a cue for merch where I lined up with all the other princesses with my merch menu to get my magnet (yes I seem like I’m 5 but really I am 35)

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