Trying out the Worlds 50 Best Summer 2018 Edition: Eleven Madison Park

This was the first time visiting Eleven Madison Park after the remodel. At first it wasn’t very clear what the difference was, it’s subtle, yet the room is more airy, bright and has more seats. The menu I feel has had some changes- on the plus side it was the best experience I’ve had in EMP and all the courses were spectacular. On the downside I feel there was much less food than last time for the same amount of money. Here is what we had:

ASPARAGUS with Smoked Egg salad

QUAIL EGG with Radish and Mustard Greens

DAIKON with ramps and amaranth

SPRING PEAS with Trout Roe and Lemon  – probably the most beautifully presented dish of the night.. however had to cut those peas is a master

the wine was spectacular!

CHEESECAKE with Smoked sturgeon, Caviar, Everything Bagel and White Asparagus – my favorite dish of the meal -original, tasty and pretty all in one 

FLUKE Marinated with Daikon, Smoked Cashew and Sorrel 

LOBSTER Butter- Poached with Ginger and Dandelion Greens – beautifully balanced dish

SNAILS Grilled with Morels and Ramps – The show of this dish was more exciting than the actual dish itself. Not bad, it was actually delicious, just it was more hype than execution.

LAMB with Fava Bean Relish and Nepitella

duck extra course!- i love getting surprise courses

GOAT CHEESE variations with Rhubarb Chutney- this i did not like at all

STRAWBERRY Poached with Elderflower and Vanilla Ice Cream – a refreshing and light dish to end the meal

The pretzels – always given at the end – always gluten free which is awesome, yet the apple brandy they always give it with I just cant have – It’s too strong! that is not the flavor i want to finish with so I will stick to the pretzel

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