2021 Gift Guide: Tech Toys & Christmas Stuff

The next guide: Tech toys. I actually wasn’t that inspired by the tech options this year, but there are plenty of old guides on tech toys that I link here so you can get even more ideas: 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2013

  1. Iphone 13Pro i mean it is the hottest tech gift of the year
  2. hum by Colgate Smart Battery Toothbrush Kit I dont know how useful this is but it just seems so cool
  3. Apple AirTag i loose everything so i think this is a fab gift
  4. Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking for the tik toker in your life
  5. FORM Smart Swim Goggles
  6. Trova Go Biometric Stash Case great gift for swimmers
  7. Google Nest Audio
  8. HidrateSpark PRO im kind of loving technifying water drinking
  9. Nintendo Switch Lite
  10. Polaroid Hi-Print

Christmas Stuff

I hadn’t done a Christmas stuff category, but I’ve been asked where I buy my Christmas things and decorations, as well as seeing some very nice things online so I figured we would expand to this category (and it ended up being a lot, this is a two pager!)

  1. Sugarfina has some great Xmas gifts and advent calendars, here: SUGARFINALetters for Santa, Holiday Winter Village and Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar
  2. Winter Spruce Scent Collection from Pottery Barn are great holiday decor settings
  3. The Grinch™ Adult & Kid Aprons They have these in kids and adult sizes
  4. Mercury Glass Ornament Scented Candles  Another great table setting option
  5. holiday tree nordic mug I love my Christmas mugs, and this option by Davids tea is very cute

My favorite place to by ornaments is Hallmark, their keepsake ornamenets are gorgeous. I always buy a few every year, and is my go to for decorations (you also have to get ther early sometimes plenty sell our fast). So heres a little selection of Christmas stuff from Hallmark

  • 6. Ornaments are a must, some cute ones this year: Star Wars: The Mandalorian™ The Child™ Grogu™, Sisters and Friends Penguins, Disney Minnie Mouse Phoning Ornament
  • 7. Continuing in Hallmark tradition, if you read this blog you know im Christmas Movie obsessed so believe me I have a ton of Hallmark Channel Movies merch that i have bought and gifted to my Hallmark addicted friends, pictured here the Hallmark Channel Joy to My World Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass, but there are plenty more
  • 8. Glad Tidings Peanuts® Nativity Set

Disney also has great Christmas stuff, here some selections of cute thing that they have:

  • 11. Twelve Days of Keys Advent Calendar a great advent calendar option (you know i love advent calendars, there are 3 on this list and i did a whole guide last year) for those collection the Disney keys
  • 12.Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse™ Holiday Plates
  • 13. Mickey Mouse and Friends Holiday Baking Set
  • 14. Their ornaments are great, and my favorites are the Sketchbook ornaments. This year they also have some great Starbucks and Disney collaborations, pictured here the Magic Kingdom Starbucks Cup Ornament. (my tree has a lot of Starbucks ornaments, but Starbucks + Disney is the best option)
  • 15. Bauble Bar, came out with ornaments this year and they are gorgeous, like jewelry for the tree, here the Sip Sip Hooray & Butter together ornament
  • 16.Ugly Sweater Earrings are great accessories for Christmas Day
  • 17. Natale Penguin Bottle Stoppers
  • 18. Selfridges always have great Christmas section, with all sorts of things, pictured here some cute ornaments this year, the Glass Wine Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments (which I of course bought) and VILLEROY & BOCHToy’s Delight porcelain decorations
  • 19.LEGO® Harry Potter™ Advent Calendar I think this is a great advent calendar for kids. Also I love Harry Potter, so it mixed with Christmas is great. They also have a Star Wars version.

My favorite place to buy Table and Kitchen Christmas Stuff is definitely Anthropologie (And their ornaments are gorgeous too). Here some of the tabletop highlights for me this year

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